Pipeline Management

H helps you seamlessly and accurately manage your pipeline, to grow your revenues rapidly and predictably.

sales pipeline management

Transparent Access to Powerful Insights Derived Directly from your Pipeline Data

H will:

  • Set up your CRM with the appropriate stages for your sales process.

  • Ensure clean CRM data with only complete and relevant prospect records.

  • Offer sophisticated pipeline management tools including:

    • Executive-level summaries
    • Working views
    • Full drill-down capabilities
    • Easy transitions between multiple timeframes
    • Automated reporting

Performance Management

H helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your sales organization and quickly identify areas for improvement.

sales pipeline management

Use Key Performance Indicators to Manage the Performance of your Sales Team

H will:

  • Translate your corporate objectives down to the individual level.

  • Identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Compare the performance of your team to targets and past periods.

  • Offer powerful performance management tools, including:

    • Sophisticated sales dashboards
    • Trending charts
    • Dynamic drill-downs

‘Alerts’ on main dashboard to highlight movement for key metrics with configurable thresholds:

sales pipeline management

‘Drill Down’ to trend analysis to view any metric over multiple time frames by group or by sales rep:

sales pipeline management

Revenue Forecasting

Our automated forecasting algorithm builds on our powerful pipeline management capabilities to accurately predict future revenues.

sales pipeline management

H delivers a rock-solid revenue forecasting to fuel your strategic plans

H will:

  • Utilize real-time pipeline data to ensure forecasting accuracy.

  • Offer alerts and analysis to promote proactivity.