Real-World Results

“The Enthalpy platform generates insights & tasks that allow us to take a proactive, surgical approach to our client engagements.  It’s about surfacing the right client touch point at the right time to the right client and user.  This has lead to a more efficient and guided use of our team’s time, as well as increasing client utilization & improving health.  It also makes it easier to sleep at night knowing we have monitoring across our entire client base.”

Jeff Cann

VP, Client Success

“The adoption of the Enthalpy platform has allowed us to mature our revenue projections.  Their forecasting tool combines an automated algorithm with configurable parameters that allow us to fine tune the forecast in real-time.  This is the first time we have seen a forecasting tool that provides this kind of flexibility.  It makes our forecasting process practical and accurate.”

Alex Kottoor

Co-Founder & CEO

“The operational methodology and data analytics in the Enthalpy platform were both key factors in PCC’s growth story from 2009 to 2016.”

Mike Wessinger

Chief Executive Officer

“Enthalpy provides us the user behaviour insights we need as we evolve our platform. They go beyond the basic utilization metrics to give us advanced insights into our growing customer base”

Mark Maloney

Founder & CEO

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